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What is Antix?

Antix automatically edits your action sports video footage into highlights. Antix makes it easy to edit and share that awesome trick you just nailed. Spend less time editing and more time riding! Antix is currently available on the Web at and on Android devices.

How does Antix know where the best parts are?

Antix tracks your motion whilst you're riding using a whole host of sensors in your phone. With some very clever analysis, our algorithm identifies when you did something awesome and then locates this in your video footage.

How do I use Antix?

It's super easy, first download the app for Android from the Google Play Store then:

  1. Press the camera button on the homescreen to begin recording your session
  2. Select your GoPro from the list of WiFi networks and enter your GoPro WiFi password.
  3. Press the Start button to begin recording! Your GoPro will automatically start recording and your phone will start tracking your motion.
  4. Press Stop to finish recording your session.
  5. Reconnect to your normal Internet connection and your data will automatically upload - we'll notify you if we found any Antix!
  6. Upload your video footage and Antix will automatically edit into highlights.

Why are my videos so short?

Great things come in small packages. Antix edits your long footage into awesome highlights, so you can share just those short moments where you did something epic. Press the playlist button to watch all your highlights from that session in one continuous video.

Will Antix automatically edit footage filmed without using the Antix app?

Antix uses your motion data from your smartphone to understand when you've done something awesome, so the app needs to be running whilst filming.

How can I change my profile picture and header?

You can change these on your profile page by hovering over your profile and header picture and clicking the camera icon.

How do I change my username or password?

You can change these from the Settings page.

How do I delete a video?

Did Antix capture an embarrassing bail? You can delete your videos by pressing the dustbin icon as you hover over the video thumbnail or on the individual video page.

How do I delete my account?

We're really sad that you want to leave us :( Just send us an email to and we can delete your account.

How do I record a video?

Record a video by using the Android app. Simply press the grey camera icon at the bottom of the home screen, connect to your GoPro's WiFi, press Start and go riding!

Can I turn my screen off while using the app?

Sure thing, Antix will run in the background. This will preserve your battery too (not that Antix uses much!).

How do I stop recording?

Press the Stop button and Antix will stop recording your motion data also stop the GoPro recording.

Do I need an Internet connection whilst recording?

No! You simply need the WiFi enabled to connect to your GoPro. However you will need an Internet connection to upload your data and footage after your session.

Can I pair my camera with the Antix app in advance to make recording even faster?

Yes, in Settings, press Connect GoPro camera and select your GoPro from the list. Ensure the GoPro's WiFi is enabled.

How do I upload my motion data?

Your motion data gets automatically uploaded after you session when you connect back to your normal Internet connection. By default this will be over Wifi only, however you can change it to upload over cellular data in Settings.

How do I upload my video footage?

Once you've finished recording, your sessions will appear in the homescreen. There are 3 ways to upload your video footage:

  1. Insert the microSD card into your phone and Antix will detect which videos to upload. Press the upload video icons in the homescreen to upload
  2. Press the GoPro icon on your session to download from your GoPro via WiFi to your phone and then upload to Antix by pressing the upload video icon
  3. Use our web upload tool on

Is there a limit to how much footage I can upload?

Your video footage can be as long as you like, Antix will edit this into highlights.

Why is the upload and processing taking so long?

We know you can't wait to see your Antix but the higher quality your video, the longer the upload will take. It will also depend on the internet connection.

Why do I need to connect my YouTube account?

We use YouTube to host your video footage. You can change which YouTube account to upload to in the Settings page of the app.

When will I know when my video is ready?

We know you're eager to see that trick you just nailed so we'll send you a notification and email as soon as your video is ready!

Why didn't I get any Antix Highlights?

Exciting, energetic actions are what get highlighted. Also make sure you do not have stamina mode/ battery saver activated on your smartphone whilst riding with Antix.

How do I watch a video?

Press the video thumbnail and it will take you to the video page. Your video will continuously loop so you can watch your trick over and over again!

Can I watch all the highlights of my session in one go?

You bet. In your profile page press the TV icon next to your session to watch all the highlights in one go.

Which camera models are compatible with Antix?

Antix is supports GoPro Hero3 and GoPro Hero3+ in all 'colour' variations. We'll be adding more camera brands soon so watch this space!

Why is my GoPro not connecting?

Ensure the WiFi is enabled on your GoPro, so Antix can connect to it. If you have previously connected your GoPro to your Android system's Wifi settings, please forget this network through here and attempt to reconnect through Antix.

How are points calculated?

It's a secret!..but here's a hint: the bigger your trick, the more points you'll get!

How can I share a video?

Share and show off! Share icons are right next to the video player. Share to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also email your video or embed it by copying and pasting the iframe code. You can share your whole playlist using the share icons above your playlist too.

How can I invite my friends to join Antix?

Press the People icon at the top of the homescreen to find people you already know on Antix. From here connect your Facebook and Google Plus account and use email to invite all your buddies.

How can I follow someone?

Follow other users straight from their profile page or directly from the People page. Videos of people you follow will appear on your feed so you can watch their awesome tricks.

Who can see my videos?

Your awesome videos will be public on the Antix platform. Everyone wants to see you nail that trick!

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